ID Confirmed is a full service suite of solutions for identity related social services. TRP Associates, LLC is the official, trusted provider for ID Confirmed centers nationwide. We provide the most professional, confidential identity related services to the national community, including fingerprint background screenings, criminal history checks, and corporate/professional drug testing through our affiliate, USA Mobile Drug Testing (USAMDT).

Identity security is a rapidly expanding field. To increase our superior level of service for our applicants, we are excited to offer our clients a superior service through ID Confirmed. We’re looking to partner with like-minded individuals and companies that put security and professionalism at a premium. TRP Associates and ID Confirmed are committed to performing only the most comprehensive services in the identity security industry.

ID Confirmed centers provide the most comfortable experience possible for clients. Our centers offer a safe, secure environment for all services provided, with carefully selected partners and staff that will provide you with the most professional experience possible.

Electronic Data Transfer

ID Confirmed offers electronic data transfer and information input through our trusted partner, VICTIG Screening Solutions. We provide our clients with the ability to access our background screening solutions through a personalized, easy to use system. We also provide our applicants with a fast turn around time for FBI fingerprint applicants as well, with most applicant’s receiving their results within 24 hours.

Equipment & Training

ID Confirmed will provide partners with Livescan devices and a full training module that will prepare them to capture applicant fingerprints in a fast, professional manner.

Customer Service

ID Confirmed provides applicants with a dedicated, 24-7 call center. This ensures that all questions and concerns are answered at the convenience of the applicant.

Increased Visibility

ID Confirmed partners will be listed on our website, which can turn into more business and higher visibility.