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TRP Associates, LLC is an Approved FBI Channeler that offers a cost-effective, reliable, tested method for the collection and management of biometric and biographic data for business and government entities. Our national network of affiliates provides us an accessible and consistent method for the collection of biometric and biographic data.

TRP Associates provides Fast, Secure, Online, Compliant, Flexible and Low Cost solutions to our clients through Livescan Fingerprint Technology. After a client’s biographic information and biometric data has been collected, it is sent to our secure servers for processing to the FBI CJIS database. TRP Associates is one of the few FBI Channelers authorized to send results electronically to the authorized recipient.

TRP Associates headquarters and data center receive both Livescan fingerprint transmissions and rolled ink cards. Both are processed electronically and submitted to the FBI CJIS database over secure encrypted security transmissions.  Results are returned almost immediately through our secure servers.

FBI-Approved Channelers receive the fingerprint submission and relevant data, collect the associated fee(s), electronically forward the fingerprint submission with the necessary information to the FBI CJIS Division for a national Identity History Summary check, and receive the electronic summary check result for dissemination to the individual.

TRP Associates has met a strict set of compliance standards, and provides FBI criminal history responses to an individual pursuant to departmental order 556-73. An FBI-approved Channeler simply helps expedite the delivery of Identity History Summary information on behalf of the FBI.

Since 2012, TRP Associates has passed two extensive audits by the FBI CJIS Division. Our infrastructure and processes comply with federal information security standards.

A fingerprint background check is required for the following reasons:

An FBI-approved Channeler may only process requests for a U.S. person (an individual who is a citizen of the U.S. or a lawful permanent resident of the U.S.). A lawful permanent resident is any person not a citizen of the U.S. who is residing in the U.S. under legally recognized and lawfully recorded permanent residence as an immigrant (also known “Permanent Resident Alien,” “Resident Alien Permit Holder,” and “Green Card Holder”).

An FBI-approved Channeler cannot process a request for employment and/or licensing purposes within the United States. This type of request should be coordinated with the appropriate state identification bureau (or state police) for the correct procedures.

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