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Investigative Services

Investigative Services

Since 2011, TRP Associates LLC has provided investigation and litigation support services to attorneys, law firms, corporations, and small to large businesses.

Through our network of investigators, business partners, and associates, and via the applications of our unparalleled experience and expertise, we ensure that all of our clients receive services consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards of our industry.

We provide decades of combined experience directing and conducting complex investigations, including those in support of litigation, employee misconduct, public and political corruption, white-collar crime, corporate wrongdoings, serious criminal cases, and complicated matters.

In civil and criminal matters, there is frequently the need for asset investigation to determine existence and value as well as other facts. TRP Associates can provide the information you need comprehensively and in the timeliest fashion.

There are many different proceedings that call for background inquiries on certain individuals whether they are witnesses, defendants, or are otherwise involved in your current case. TRP Associates investigators have the expertise to uncover, verify, and present relevant evidence information.

TRP Associates’ clients include attorneys, insurance companies, and small to large businesses seeking our assistance in gathering and evaluating evidence involved in their respective cases. We can help you to develop evidence and confirm discovery information as well as gain the cooperation of witnesses.

TRP Associates’ investigators have decades of experience conducting comprehensive field investigative services, which include surveillance, court records research and document retrieval, scene investigation and photography, and canvassing.

TRP Associates are experienced in locating witnesses whose whereabouts and, in some instances, existence were previously unknown. We can work to locate and interview opposing witnesses to ensure that you have as much information as possible in the case that you are currently handling.

TRP Associates’ investigators have conducted hundreds of witness interviews. We are experts at overcoming witness objections and gaining trust and rapport with uncooperative witnesses.

TRP Associates’ investigators have conducted thousands of witness interviews. We are experts at overcoming witness objections and gaining trust and rapport with uncooperative witnesses.

Court Reporting and Deposition Support

Our services provide professional projects through every phase of each project that we undertake. TRP Associates provides professional case managers, deposition scheduling, and large-scale litigation project management. We exemplify the pinnacle of professionalism, further shown in our code of ethics.

Our experienced network of reporters and associates allows us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive service provided across the industry. TRP Associates will make sure that your deposition needs are met, and will provide each client a trusted point of contact to see directly to your needs.

Litigation Support

For any civil or criminal matter, TRP Associates can work with your legal team to provide litigation direction, source/interview witnesses, statement review, data and evidence analysis, background research, and strategic overview to dramatically enhance your case.