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Partner Opportunities With TRP Associates

Partner Opportunities

TRP Associates is a trusted partner of the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) CJIS Division. We provide the most professional, confidential identity related, fingerprint-based background check solutions nationwide.

Identity security is a rapidly expanding field. To increase our superior level of service for our applicants, we are excited to offer our clients a superior service through ID Solutions Fingerprinting.

We’re looking to partner with like-minded individuals and companies that put security and professionalism at a premium. ID Solutions Fingerprinting powered by TRP Associates is committed to performing only the most comprehensive services in the identity security industry.

ID Solutions partners will be listed on our website, and upon approval will fingerprint clients pursuant to FBI Departmental order DO 556-73.


This is an opportunity we are willing to extend to potential partners that are deemed to best fit with our ideals. The services that TRP Associates provide are defined by experience, expertise, and excellence. We expect our potential partner’s work to embody them as well.


Need a Fingerprinting Livescan System

Through our vendor we can sell you Livescan Enhanced Workstations, which are easy-to-use, accurate and cost-effective. The applicant Livescan fingerprint system can create and submit FBI Applicant Transactions with one software package.

The Livescan is fully certified with the FBI and is available on Windows 7,8, 8.1 and soon to be certified Windows 10 release.

Our system supports a wide variety of finger scanners and runs on Desktop, Laptop, and Microsoft Surface Pro platforms, making it an ideal solution regardless of whether you are a fixed base operator or a mobile service provider.

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